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About Legacy K9

Legacy K9 Detection was born from the specialized need in the community for human remains odor detection. With over a decade of experience aiding official agencies with human remains and forensic evidence recovery Legacy K9 was built to offer top quality results alongside professional privacy and proven results for those that need it the most.  

What We Do

Legacy K9 Detection offers various cadaver K9 services for hire for official agencies. We specialize in criminal-natured applications (i.e. victim recoveries, crime scene location, forensic evidence and weapon recovery, article searches, vehicle warrants, and more).

Here at Legacy K9 we also strive to aid police departments on how to utilize the cadaver dog as a tool and what to look for in a quality cadaver dog team. This takes the form of demonstrations, presentations at a department-level, and  working alongside agencies to provide industry-specific training.

Creating awareness and understanding of the vital role working dogs play in our communities is key for the preservation of these K9 assets. For that reason, Legacy K9  leads the way in opening these conversations thereby making way for education on subject. From public demonstrations with a few people to thousands of people Legacy K9 Detection has done it all. 

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Who We Are

Legacy K9 Detection is owned and operated by K9 Handler / Trainer Candice Braun. After a decade + of training other K9 handlers and their K9s, as well as her own, at S.T.A.R.R. Candice walked away to raise her kids and support her family in other areas. However, in less than a year of the need still knocking on her door and her relentless drive she started Legacy K9 Detection. 

Candice also serves as a LEO and SAR Certifying Official for AWDA

How You Can Help

Legacy K9 Detection is a strong advocate for working dogs and their jobs. We love educating and fostering awareness in how vital dogs are to so many areas of the community. Their contribution is priceless.

All Legacy K9 Detection dogs are with us for life.

However, sometimes working dogs find themselves searching for a retirement home for various unfortunate reasons.  Please educate yourself on their needs and see if you would be a great fit for these superheroes. If so, there are programs out there looking for foster and adopters for retired working K9s. 

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